Majarra’s Story

On 23 March 2021, Abdulsalam and Ammar Haykal launched Majarra through a letter in which they said: “As digital content continues to proliferate in the world, Arabic content continues to lag. This is a massive lost opportunity for our societies. And for countless Arabs that look to quality information to support their growth and progress, it is a constant frustration. Arabic content online is dominated by old forums, user-generated content on social media, and mistranslations of pirated content. There’s not enough Arabic content overall and reliable content is even scarcer. Arabic Internet users have to turn to English sources for help. That may work well for an elite fraction of our societies, but for the majority, it is one more barrier to becoming their best selves. This is where Majarra will step in.”

Majarra content helps users in their daily life, empowers their aspirations and ambitions and gives them the access needed to understand the world around them. Through Majarra, we want to help Arabic speakers advance their careers, lead richer lives and fulfill their potential.

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