Majarra Launches Fortune Arabia from Abu Dhabi

New launch reinforces its mission to provide the best Arabic content on the Internet

Majarra, the leading Arabic digital content provider, has announced the launch of Fortune Arabia. The Arabic edition of the internationally renowned global business brand will provide corporate, business, and economic policy news from public and private organizations. Fortune Arabia is licensed by Fortune’s global platform, which published its first edition in 1930, and currently releases 10 international editions outside of the United States, including its Chinese, Greek, Korean, Indonesian, Indian, Italian, and Turkish language editions.


Fortune Arabia will launch on fortunearabia.com, and will reach its audience through a daily news brief exclusive to subscribers entitled: “Manager Bulletin”. Majarra has appointed a team of top content creators, and business and economy media specialists in the Arab region. Fortune will be part of the Majarra subscription, which gives subscribers access to several websites that offer the best Arabic content on the internet.


Fortune Arabia is led by its Editor in Chief Hamoud Almahmoud, who has a long experience in business and economic journalism. AlMahmoud was the first Editor in Chief of Harvard Business Review Arabia, in addition to having worked with prominent global media institutions such as BBC. On Fortune Arabia’s launch, he stated “I look forward to working with the team of Fortune Arabia and Majarra to provide every Arab with the latest events regionally and globally using reliable data analysis techniques used by Fortune, in addition to the most recent updates in the corporate world, and trends shaping the global economy,” said Almahmoud. "The Fortune Arabia team will also host business leaders and economic policy makers from the region to offer their opinions and experiences that will help people understand the environment around them and gear up for the future. It will also translate the best of Fortune global content to Arabic to have our users be up-to-date on the global transformations, opportunities, and challenges and their impact on us.”


Alan Murray, Fortune’s CEO, said, “We are excited to move forward with our partnership with Majarra, to adding Fortune Arabia to Fortune’s growing slate of international editions, and to ensuring that best-in-class business journalism is available to Arabic-language readers worldwide.”


Jim Jacovides, Fortune’s VP Licensing & Development, added, ‘We are delighted to launch FORTUNE Arabia with Majarra. We share a commitment to editorial excellence and to delivering business news on the global and local levels. We look forward to Majarra building a local version of Fortune that entrepreneurs and C-suite executives will value.”


Ammar Haykal, CEO of Majarra said that: “we are excited for the launch of Fortune Arabia, a brand that holds great value in the business sector.” He added: “Fortune Arabia’s content will reinforce Majarra’s mission to provide the best Arabic content on the Internet, and make the business knowledge that directors and executives need available in our region.”

The launch of Fortune Arabia and the Manager Bulletin in partnership with Fortune falls in line with Majarra’s efforts to provide the best Arabic content available on the internet in cooperation with the best content providers worldwide. In addition to Fortune, Majarra’s global partnerships also include other renowned organizations and institutions such as Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Popular Science, and Psychologies. Majarra also owns “Man Hom,” the largest Arabic service offering professional profiles and company data.



About Majarra:


Majarra offers the best Arabic content on the internet, provided by a network of websites accessible through a single subscription, single sign-on. The network currently includes Harvard Business Review Arabia, MIT Technology Review Arabia, Stanford Social Innovations Review Arabia, Popular Science Arabia, and Nafseyati. Majarra also owns "Man Hom," the only Arabic service offering professional profiles and company data. By investing and working to bring about a step-change in the availability of quality Arabic content online, Majarra seeks to contribute to the region's economic and social growth and development, and Arab revival of Arab, from ocean to ocean.


In a joint announcement in March 2021, Majarra's executive chairman Abdulsalam Haykal and CEO Ammar Haykal laid out the "vision of a better, more useful, and more engaging Arabic web." "Majarra will become a catalyst to unlocking the Arabic web, ushering in a new dawn for an industry that is crucial to progress in our region." added the company leaders in their statement. "Business models that rely only on advertising revenue and audience size feed a spiral of lower-quality content. This is a massive lost opportunity for our societies." Majarra, they added, "is a commitment to what we can do together to change the state of Arabic content online, and to what we can be together as a result."


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