Nadine Chahine and Majarra Collaborate on the First Arabic Type Design Course in the Arabic Language

Majarra has announced a new collaboration with Nadine Chahine, an international type designer, by supporting an introductory Arabic typographic design course that Chahine is launching online. This course, delivered in Arabic over 12 sessions spread over 4 months, is designed to introduce the basics and principles of design for typographic purposes and works for anyone interested in Arabic type design and its art, provided that they have prior experience with DTP and its applications.

Majarra will support the course by covering part of the participation fees in an effort to make it accessible to the greatest number of font designers in the Arab world. This support falls under Majarra's policy to enhance the Arabic content environment, including Arabic fonts that require development and improvement.

Dr. Nadine Chahine is the CEO at I Love Typography Ltd. She studied art design at the American University of Beirut, typeface design at the University of Reading, UK, and a PhD in Arabic calligraphy reading at Leiden University. Chahine had a distinctive style and a modern view of Arabic typography in order to harmonize it with its Latin counterpart. She has designed many fonts that have gained international fame, such as the "Dubai” font.

Commenting on this collaboration, Dia Haykal, director of partnerships and brand at Majarra, said: “Nadine Chahine is a creative and distinguished designer, and we are pleased to collaborate with her, as the use of easy-to-read and enjoyable fonts is very important and necessary to provide a great user experience and improve their use while browsing Arabic content on the Internet. Majarra considers Nadine a pioneer in training in font design and empowering new artists, and she deserves all the support".

For her part, Nadine Chahine stated: “I am grateful to Majarra for taking the initiative to sponsor this course and offer financial support to those who desire to participate. This is a sign of Majarra's ongoing commitment to supporting innovation and creativity in the Arabic language sector as well as all initiatives and projects that contribute to its improvement and growth, particularly in my field of work, through which I aim to promote Arabic typography, its art and value, and to encourage more young people to join this field”.

For more information about the course and registration, please email: [email protected]