Majarra’s CEO Speaks at the International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries

As part of the sessions of the International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries (Congress PCI), organized by the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC) of the Department of Culture and Tourism, Ammar Haykal, CEO of Majarra, presented a session entitled "A Case-Study in Action: Harnessing the Power of Numbers to Shape the Future of Arabic Content". Haykal outlined the importance of data as a driving force within a spectrum of creative industries that provide content in all its forms, including the Arabic content sector on the Internet.

Drawing on Majarra's pioneering experience in delivering the best Arabic content on the internet through its digital platforms, Haykal presented his vision for harnessing data to shape the future of Arabic content, and highlighted the importance of building on the experiences of international content production companies and the ways to benefit from the wealth of data to serve their users. He also reviewed some examples of Majarra's experience in following best practices to provide better content and an improved app experience for users and subscribers based on their preferences and lifestyles, as every app should place its users at the forefront of development efforts by enriching their experience when using any of its services.

The Congress, held on 21-22 May, witnessed a wide participation of a galaxy of publishers, translators, content creators and entrepreneurs from different countries of the world, including Amazon Alexa, Anghami, Shahid, Lamsa, Sandstorm, Adobe and New York University Abu Dhabi, who participated in a program full of discussion sessions that addressed various themes and issues related to adapting stories, and the latest trends in the publishing sector.

It is noteworthy that the Congress is the first of its kind for publishing in the Arab world, aiming to facilitate dialogue between publishers, content creators, thought leaders and entrepreneurs on their different creative platforms. The Congress provided a destination for participants to know about the growth and development of various modern technical media for content in all its forms.

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