General Electric joins the Renaissance Partners Program from Majarra

Majarra has announced a partnership agreement with General Electric to join Majarra's Renaissance Partners Program. The Program enables institutions and businesses to play an active role in the world of knowledge in the Arabic language and help nurture the youth of tomorrow by providing free subscriptions to Majarra to professionally and personally develop those who would like to subscribe but do not necessarily have the financial means.

General Electric, which operates in several sectors, including aviation, energy, renewable energy and digital technology, will provide 200 free subscriptions for young people to access Majarra's platforms: Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, Popular Science, Nafseyati, and Stanford Social Innovation. In turn, Majarra will match this by providing another 200 subscriptions for Arab youth.

Commenting on this partnership, Rania Rostom, Global Head of Marketing & Communications at GE said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Majarra through the Renaissance Partners Program, as we believe it is essential to empower young people by equipping them with future skills and keeping them abreast of new business and technology trends, so they can adapt to the ever-changing and competitive labor market requirements. Majarra's global platforms, distinguished by a wide variety of niche material, would make this possible.”

For her part, Dia Haykal, Director of Brand and Partnership at Majarra stated, “We are pleased that General Electric has joined the Renaissance Partners Program as it will help support youth and collaboration to hone the skills and competencies of our youth through access to Majarra's high-quality content. This partnership also supports our efforts to disseminate reliable, specialized Arabic content and provide young people with the best Arabic content on the internet, while removing any financial barriers to knowledge for them".

Majarra is working through Renaissance Partners Program to enhance communication with private and public businesses and institutions, in order to benefit from their capabilities to help young people aspiring to broaden their experiences and skills through useful and high-quality content in terms of self and professional development.