The largest glossary of management and technology terms in Arabic is now available on Majarra’s App

As part of its commitment to providing the best reliable Arabic content on the Internet, Majarra has launched on its application the largest digital resource for management and technology terms in Arabic. The two components of this resource—"Al Mafaheem Al Idariya" from Harvard Business Review and "Technodad" from MIT Technology Review—are both available on the Majarra App and updated every day.

"Al Mafaheem Al Idariya" launched by Harvard Business Review includes the most important and up-to-date terminology used in the business world. Each page gives an overview of the term in English and its equivalent in Arabic, with a detailed definition of the term in Arabic and direct examples where the term or concept is mentioned in the articles on each platform, so that the user can see a direct example that explains the term through an in-depth article on the subject. One can either search directly for a specific term or concept, in alphabetical order, or by specific topics.

Harvard Business Review Arabia draws on the legacy of the mother platform, which celebrated its 100th anniversary and launched several management concepts that have since come to be regarded as references by practitioners and academics in the field of management, such as "disruptive innovation", "marketing myopia", and others.

"Technodad" launched by MIT Technology Review covers thousands of technical terms used in our world today and presents terms either in alphabetical order or by topics, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, robotics, and space.

Majarra addresses the challenge of the absence of an official Arabic equivalent for many modern management and technology terms through eminent teams of linguists and translators, as it adopts a precise approach to Arabizing terms and nomenclature, while tackling them in multiple stages, including research, discussion, and drafting by distinguished experts and consultants, before the term is coined, defined, explained, used, and published.

This launch comes as part of Majarra's mission to support Arab Internet users and provide them with the trustworthy and modern content they need in their daily lives and personal and professional development, in collaboration with the best content providers in the world. Majarra’s content includes tens of thousands of articles and videos about management, leadership, science and technology, mental wellness, financial advice, and much more.