Today we become Majarra

Starting today, you will see Haykal Media being replaced across our platforms by a new name: Majarra. We’re thrilled to explain why and share our plans.

After over a decade of serving the Arabic-speaking internet users by providing reliable content in their language, we are ready to do more of what we do best: populate the Arabic web with the knowledge, information, and inspiration its users hunger for. We have a vision of a better, more useful, and more engaging Arabic web, and it is informed by years of serving our savvy, sophisticated customers. We intend to do that through Majarra, a single sign-on network of websites, offering the web’s best Arabic content.

As digital content continues to proliferate in the world, Arabic content continues to lag. This is a massive lost opportunity for our societies. And for countless Arabs that look to quality information to support their growth and progress, it is a constant frustration. Arabic content online is dominated by old forums, user-generated content on social media, and mistranslations of pirated content. There’s not enough Arabic content overall and reliable content is even scarcer. Arabic Internet users have to turn to English sources for help. That may work well for an elite fraction of our societies, but for the majority, it is one more barrier to becoming their best selves.

This is where Majarra will step in. We aim to provide the web’s most reliable content in Arabic. We will do that in partnership with the world’s most credible and reputable content providers. Majarra content will help users in their daily life, empower their aspirations and ambitions and give them the access needed to understand the world around them. Majarra will help Arabic speakers advance their careers, lead richer lives and fulfill their potential. It will put Arab users on the same footing as everyone else in the digital world.

Majarra will develop and operate a proprietary, world-class platform that draws on the latest technology, highest quality data, and sophisticated AI to understand our members’ needs, offer unique content that maximizes their experience and put our content in front of all those who could benefit from it. Our members will enjoy a smooth, engaging digital user experience as they navigate the articles and videos, discover content relevant to them and search through our extensive library of topics.

Over the next few weeks, you will see Majarra’s brand appearing on our current platforms: Harvard Business Review Arabia, MIT Technology Review Arabia, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Popular Science Arabia, and Manhom. And in the next few months, we will be adding more topics in partnership with some of the world’s best content providers. We can’t wait to broaden the topics we deliver and offer you new subjects with the same quality and value you expect from us.

We hope that Majarra will become a catalyst to unlocking the Arabic web, ushering a new dawn for an industry that is crucial to progress in our region. Business models that rely only on advertising revenue and audience size feed a spiral of lower-quality content. There’s plenty of room for free content, but there’s a customer for high-quality, reliable content, too. Majarra offers a new vision for discerning, thoughtful readers. As we make this move, we extend our hand to all those who believe in this vision and would like to take part and contribute. We are committed as ever to our customers: our subscribers and members, the users who read articles and newsletters, watch a video, listen to audio content, and participate in webinars. They are our compass, day in day out. We also make this step with the support of our international partners. They have not onlyentrusted us with global brands that are second to none but have shown crucial support

and passionate comradery in our mission.

We will close by expressing gratitude to every member of Haykal’s (now Majarra’s) talented team at the headquarters in Abu Dhabi and in the eleven other countries where they work for their commitment to making bold bets on behalf of society. The resilience, purpose, and constant evolution they demonstrate are the core of our ethos. There’s no limit to the impact of our work for individuals and the communities who comprise the 420 million people who call Arabic their mother tongue.

Majarra is a commitment to what we can do together to change the state of Arabic content online, and to what we can be together as a result. And today is just the beginning.

 Abdulsalam Haykal                             Ammar Haykal

 Executive Chairman                           CEO