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By investing and working to bring about a fundamental change in the status of Arabic digital content, we seek to contribute to the region’s economic and social growth and development, and Arab revival, from ocean to ocean.

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Majarra News


19 May, 2023

Majarra Partners with the International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries


02 May, 2023

Majarra participates in the Media Leaders Summit Middle East


28 Apr, 2023

Crescent Enterprises Reaffirms Commitment to Majarra

Majarra's International Partners

In order to ensure the content quality, Majarra works with the world’s most credible and reputable content providers, and partners with global institutions and organizations such as Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Popular Science, Psychologies, and more. With more collaborations and partnerships scheduled for this year, our affiliation with these platforms is a testament to our leadership in the Arabic digital content space.

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